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Mom, There's a Spaceship in the Backyard!

A father learns the powerful lesson that his son is the most valuable thing in the world when he loses him on a spaceship ride that could last a lifetime...

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A Light Through the Darkness

There's no escaping fate even in a remote small town. Two years after the brutal murders of his wife and young daughter, Jimmy Lopez is starting over. After visiting an old war buddy in Walla Walla, Washington, Jimmy lands a job at the local penitentiary. Ten years later his fate catches up with him and he'll get one chance to resolve his painful past...View Trailer

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Steve Samsel directing Zak Jackson in
"Mom! There's a Spaceship in the Backyard!"

Watch the trailer for the New Steve and Bongo TV Show.

A comedic talk show format featuring author/musician Steve Samsel and his pet monkey Bongo. Also featured, musical guests, comedians, and call-ins. If you have a talent and would like to be on the show, blog us at and share.

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