Welcome to Steve Samsel.com... singer, musician, songwriter, writer, actor Steve Samsel
...where love and magic meet. It’s the artists’ love that brings great works into being and this is what gives the world the magic.

The works that Steve Samsel has created are indeed magical and can be savored by all who dare.

From the touching lyrics accompanied by a beautiful melody in the song DOROTHY (Let’s Get Over The Rainbow) -"Dorothy, you went over the rainbow flyin’ on a dream to a land far away, that can only be found in a sweet lullaby, Dorothy wipe that tear from your eye," ...

...to a screenplay titled, MOM! THERE’S A SPACESHIP IN THE BACKYARD! where a father learns the powerful lesson that his son is the most valuable thing in the world when he loses him on a spaceship ride that could last a lifetime...

...or in the song, LITTLE BIT A MAGIC where the lyric explains, that with a little bit a magic and a little bit of love we can hold on tight, hold on to our dreams. And in these we sense that dreams have merged with reality into one substance, and it is that, that moves the heart and touches the soul like every piece of art was meant to do...

Welcome to SteveSamsel.com

Steve Samsel singing A Little Bit A Magic
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